The MasterConsole Digital-DUAL KVM switch (MCD-DUAL) consolidates access and control of multiple dual-head servers with a single console supporting dual-display output, HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA video. It comes in two, one-user models: the MCD-104 DUAL, which connects to four dual-headed servers, and the MCD-108 DUAL, which connects to eight dual-headed servers. Both can be cascaded into two levels to support up to 64 connections. The dual-monitor KVM provides a friendly, on-screen display and hotkeys to access connected computers. In addition, the convenient, borderless mouse switching allows users to move the mouse to strike the monitor's edge, and then the mouse will automatically move to the next port. Other features include plug-and-play installation and configuration, AutoScan/AutoSkip, and “keep-alive” technology (allows users to add, remove, and hot-swap components without interruption to the live servers).