COOL-FIT PE Plus includes pre-insulated pipe, fittings, valves, and hoses engineered to convey fluids without condensation in temperatures from 58° to 140°F. The lightweight, three-in-one system, includes a carrier pipe, insulation, and jacket, makes installation fast and easy. All surfaces are sealed, vapor-tight, and 100% UV-resistant. The system is maintenance-free and will not corrode over time, reducing expensive operational interruptions and downtime. The smooth interior surface of the medium pipe prevents deposit buildups to ensure reliability and eliminate pressure loss. Insulation on both fittings and pipe are bonded together, preventing condensation buildup between the two.

The COOL-FIT PE Plus system has an insulation foam and an outer jacket manufactured at the factory, which eliminates post-insulation work at the construction site, reduces installation time. and allows for roof mounting. Use of electrofusion joining technology eliminates the need for solvent cement or VOC approvals.