Amanda Carter

Title: Senior Project Engineer - Electrical

Company: Environmental Systems Design

Education: Bachelor's degree in architectural engineering

Credentials: PE

What made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in technology?
I had been working in commercial interiors for five years and was looking for more of a challenge. Nothing is more challenging than the electrical infrastructure for data centers and critical facilities, and I felt that it was the perfect next step in my career.

What three adjectives would you use to describe your journey in the industry so far?
Motivating, challenging, and evolving.

What is your personal mantra?
Just keep swimming (especially during the pandemic). No matter how difficult the work looks, if you take it one step at a time, eventually you will reach the goal.

Describe the highest point in your career so far and how you got there, including all the hurdles you had to jump (and the ones you tripped over and too).
The highest point in my career has been becoming the electrical program lead for one of our technology clients. I started as a project engineer on a single site, but through developing and continuing to meet high expectations within their design and creating a continued trust by always bringing forth both the good and the bad, I ultimately became that “trusted advisor,” as we say at ESD. I have been able to develop great and very real relationships with all of the people I work with.

What is your most admirable quality?
My most admirable quality is my willingness to learn. One of the reasons I moved into the technology industry was to be able to continue to expand my knowledge base and be challenged.

What aspect of the industry do you think has the most potential for growth, and, on the other hand, which aspect do you think needs the most improvement?
I would have to say diversity for both. On one hand, the technology industry has a ways to go to build up to true diversity within the workforce at large. On the other hand, over the last 10 years, I have seen significant strides in making the industry more diverse, and I look forward to being part of future efforts to continue to do so.

When you imagine the future of the technology industry, what does it look like?
I see continued evolutions — of technologies, design implementations, and diversity amongst the workforce.

What is the most valuable life lesson you have learned so far and how has it helped you in your career?
Always own your mistakes. This lesson has helped me in my career because I have learned that it’s not the mistakes people remember — it’s how they were handled and remedied, and this is how you build real trust.

What three adjectives come to mind when you think about your future path?
Innovative, confident, and eager.