Now available for 60-Hz applications in North America demanding up to 1000 kW of standby power or 910 kW of prime power, the Cat XQ1140 power module features a twin-pack design. Its two Cat C18 generator sets meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 Final emission standards and can be paralleled to share larger loads or operate independently to support different loads and voltages. The Cat XQ1140 is ideal for any temporary power application, including health care facilities, municipal infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants and other utilities, mining and quarry sites, and agriculture. Its flexible design allows a single generator set to continue supplying power and optimize individual engine dispatch when demand is variable, N+1 redundancy is needed, or maintenance is required. The external interface allows a client operator or maintenance technician to remotely perform numerous functions, such as start/stop, monitoring, breaker operation, and alarm response. This capability reduces the need for an operator to enter the power module, improving safety and ease of operation.  Additionally, external fuel and diesel exhaust fuel (DEF) fill ports are positioned on the same side of the module for convenient, single-side access.