The LC Unibody Fiber Connector with Spectro-Link Technology was developed from customer feedback to address industry challenges. The design incorporates several patents as part of the Spectro-Link Technology. The features include ultralow loss performance, precise insertion and removal, simple and safe polarity changes that do not twist the fiber, and a low-profile design that is easy to access.

The connectors offer a compact, unitized housing with precision parallel alignment of the duplex LC latching bodies with beveled first contact leading edges. This helps guide the connector into position in dense or dimly lit environments on the first attempt. Its push-pull grip makes installation; removal; and moves, adds, and changes (MACs) easy and eliminates the risk of disturbing surrounding connectors. Multiple patented innovations and premium ferrules improve insertion loss performance — 0.15 dB per multimode and 0.25 dB per single-mode LC connector. This improved link loss makes it easier to specify, design and maintain extended reach networks. Additionally, the dual sealing, airtight dust caps preserve pristine air around the endface from the production test environment, which leads to less cleaning and faster installation.