Generator Quiz

Test your knowledge of generators and their role in on-site prime power and microgrids in the 21st century with this 10-question quiz from Rosendin Electric.

1. What is the average added cost range for installation labor above equipment cost?
A. 5 - 10%
B. 12.5 -25%
C. 25 - 35%
D. 30 – 40%
E. 40 - 45%
2. What are consensus portions or features of a microgrid?
A. Fuel cells
B. On-site/on-prem Customer-produced power
C. Generators
D. Discounts to utility rates
E. Solar panels
3. For customer delivered/customer defined energy (CDE) systems, what are some local regulations you might encounter?
A. Local regulations and codes
B. FAR/site setbacks
C. Noise/sound permit
D. None of the above
E. All of the above
4. Which is not a correct generator duty rating per ISO? (check all that apply)
A. Standby
B. Prime
C. Life-safety
D. Continuous
5. Which is not an approach for optimizing CDE systems?
A. Battery and stored energy recharge during off hours
B. Supply air temperature
C. Arbitration between cost to produce v. cost to consume power
D. System control software
6. What systems would require an operating permit?
A. Engine-generators
B. Fuel storage
C. Both
D. Neither
7. What are sources for CDE systems?
A. Generators
B. Fuel cells
C. Wind turbines
D. Parking lot solar canopies
E. Grid-level battery storage
F. All of the above
8. What are cost considerations for peak shaving applications?
A. Weather
B. Sequence of operations for the HVAC system
C. Time of day utility rates
D. AQMD fuel storage limits
E. None of the above
9. On average, producing 1 MW of solar power requires:
A. 25,000 square feet
B. 1 acres
C. 10,000 square feet
D. 5 acres
E. 25,000 square feet
10. How do you best define generator kW service duty?
A. As long as it runs and doesn’t fail, it’s OK
B. % of the nameplate rating of the engine and alternator
C. You don’t — the AQMD or AHJ tells you
D. Operating temperature
E. If you keep the engine fueled
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