LONDON — Green Revolution Cooling was awarded a place on the Essentia Trading Limited Zero Carbon Delivery Framework (ZCF), enabling any UK public sector entity the ability to acquire low and zero carbon infrastructure investments.

ZCF provides a one-stop shop for public sector entities, such as health care, military, education, and police/fire an expedited and compliant avenue for low- and zero- carbon infrastructure investments. U.K. private and listed companies are also able to utilise the ZCF to ensure best value. The framework is no cost to access for public sector organizations, and users can run mini competitions or directly award trusted suppliers.

According to recent studies, data centers produce as much carbon as the shipping industry and, unchecked, these emissions are projected to rapidly grow to 10% of the world's global carbon emissions by 2030. Moreover, data center energy usage has been compounded due increased teleworking and other virtual activities brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“ETL’s Zero Carbon Delivery Framework helps remove complexity and provides a faster route to market for technologies that will help meet sustainability goals,” said Alexandra Hammond, sustainability director at ETL.  “We are delighted to work with companies like GRC that can enable data center managers to move toward net-zero carbon emissions.”

The U.K. has had its eye on carbon reduction for some time — in June 2019, parliament passed legislation requiring organizations to reduce the U.K.’s net emissions of greenhouse gases by 100% relative to 1990 levels by 2050. ZCF will provide access to the technology necessary to help meet this requirement.

“GRC is honored to be part of ETL’s framework to reduce the carbon footprint of public sector entities while also contributing to their bottom line,” said Peter Poulin, CEO, GRC.  “GRC’s participation in this initiative will allow data center operators across the U.K. to increase energy efficiency while also cutting their operating costs. It’s a win-win.”

To facilitate its relationship with ETL, GRC worked closely with its European agent, Total Data Center Solutions.

“It was a challenge to introduce the concept of immersion cooling to the ETL team and then very rewarding when they agreed to let GRC bid for a place as a trusted supplier on the framework,” said Brian Clavin, director of TDCS. “It was then a fantastic team achievement to attain trusted supplier status. We look forward to many successes with the ZCF in the years to come. Providing liquid immersion cooling for data center IT equipment reduces an organization’s carbon footprint and significantly reduces IT operating expenses while increasing IT capacity.”

GRC is the only framework supplier offering immersion cooling for data center IT equipment. To support this initiative and ensure GRC’s workforce and partners in the U.K. have the necessary resources, the company established a UK subsidiary, Green Revolution Cooling - UK. Additionally, in the coming months, GRC will be opening a Center of Excellence in one of London’s leading data centers to provide live demonstrations of the technology.