Eaton is once again igniting the imaginations of children all ages with a new book, “What is a data center?”

The sequel to 2020’s “What does an IT pro do?” brings readers inside the world of Honey, a young honey badger, as her IT professional parents teach her everything a curious kid would want to know about data centers — from the ins and outs of enterprise facilities to the wonderful world of multitenant data centers.

Written by Eaton Senior Marketing Communications Manager Mike DeCamp, “What is a data center” continues Eaton’s goal of educating STEM-interested children — and their parents — about technology topics that could spark excitement in future career paths. Packed with fun pop culture references for savvy readers, the book highlights all of the exciting aspects of data centers that are helping power today’s biggest innovations.

The digital version of “What is a data center?” is available to download here.