The HXV Hybrid Cooler from Baltimore Aircoil maintains peak performance for a variety of applications where water is scarce, water costs are high, uptime is critical, or plume is a concern, including data centers, industrial, manufacturing, and HVAC. It offers both evaporative and dry cooling in a water saving, energy-efficient solution. Maintenance is easy with immediate access to the cold water basin, prime surface coil, and the fan drive system. Operators can even inspect the spray distribution system while the unit is in operation. Maintenance costs are further reduced by virtue of chemical savings. When reliable year-round operation is critical, the HXV Hybrid Cooler offers trouble-free winter operation. Additional benefits of the HXV include uninterrupted operation with multiple fans and optional redundant pumps. To ensure longevity and corrosion-resistance, units are designed with EVERTOUGH Construction and the TriArmor Corrosion Protection System. For projects requiring plume abatement, the HXV has no plume when operating dry, and the dry coil provides natural plume abatement when running wet.