Customized to mimic the operation of the customer’s Russelectric switchgear/system, these simulators can help to familiarize workers on the system and its operation for accurately diagnosing a wide range of utility, generator, and breaker problems. The simulators can also be used to assess the impact of changes to PLC set points, such as kilowatt values and time delays. Using the simulators enables operators to evaluate an almost limitless number of responses to failure scenarios and use the information to develop and validate site operating and emergency procedures.

The simulators are available in two versions: The Training Simulator allows personnel to train on the automatic operation of Russelectric Switchgear, while the Advanced Training Simulator allows personnel to train on both manual and automatic operations. With the addition of hard-wired controls and interlock circuits, the simulator PLC accurately mimics full manual controls, enabling personnel to train in the comfort and safety of an office environment.