Inphi brings high volume silicon wafer scale manufacturing to the optics industry by offering customers the option to purchase high-performance 400G DR4 PICs in full 200-mm wafer form with its silicon photonics platform solution. Customers receive silicon PIC wafers direct from an Inphi fab partner and will be able to continue with high-volume wafer scale manufacturing and 3-D heterogenous integration in their own factories. Key features include a complete silicon photonics transceiver with four low-loss, transmit Mach-Zehnder modulators and four high-responsivity, receive photodiodes; a low-power, flip chip transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with excellent sensitivity, overload, and error floor; an analog controller IC, which replaces multiple discrete components for laser bias, configuration and monitoring of silicon photonics, and TIA control; and Inphi’s Porrima Gen3 low-power, PAM4 DSP with integrated 56Gbaud laser driver.