Siemens Smart Infrastructure is supplying the first Tier IV-certified data center in the Paris region. The project is funded by French banking institute Caisse des Dépôts and real estate group Idec, with operations scheduled to start in the spring of 2021. In the long term, five more buildings will be added to the project. Siemens was chosen to install the cooling solution to increase the building’s energy efficiency by automatically adjusting the computer rooms’ cooling systems around the clock. The White Space Cooling Optimization (WSCO) solution from Siemens meets the particularly high cooling demands of the data center, leveraging AI to optimize performance. When it comes to sustainability, Thésée aims to achieve a PUE of 1.2.

“We opted for the Siemens solution because it ensures a high level of security and reduces energy consumption and maintenance needs,” said Eric Arbaretaz, CTO, Thésée. “In the long term, this will also extend the life span of the equipment.”

The Thésée campus will be the Paris region’s first independent colocation data center and the first to adhere to the Tier IV certification by the Uptime Institute. Tier IV stands for the highest certification level, guaranteeing a “fault tolerant” site and an availability of 99.995%. Currently, there are less than thirty Tier IV data centers in Europe.

Operating the cooling equipment accounts for up to 30% of a data center’s energy consumption. The Siemens solution leverages AI to limit energy demand to what is necessary, thus generating financial, operational, and energy savings. For data centers, the tolerance threshold for the temperature in computer rooms is a vital parameter. The WSCO solution will respond automatically to any unexpected event, quickly solving temperature problems or failures and minimizing the risks of malfunctioning. In addition, artificial intelligence enables a rapid response to mitigate any overconsumption or issues linked to the infrastructure's operation, ensuring the equipment’s availability without any interruption.