The Liebert MBX Busway is designed for dynamic data center environments that require scalable power distribution to deliver total cost optimization and support adaptation over time. User-friendly tap-off boxes can be placed anywhere along the track for ease of distributing power to equipment racks and feature a ground-first/break-last design with mechanical interlock that ensures user safety. It supports capacities ranging from 250 to 800 A and can be configured to support a variety of receptacle options to align with rack PDUs.

To better serve small to mid-sized data centers and colocation facilities, the Liebert TFX PDU models deliver 150 to 300 kVA power in a compact footprint that supports a broad array of installation and landing needs. It can be installed in a corner or against a wall, saving space in tight areas. The transformer-based PDU offers enhanced monitoring capabilities for visibility to circuit loads and breaker status via an easy-to-use interface designed for IT and facility managers. It can be configured for use with busway or remote power panels to support distribution directly to rack PDUs. Isolated panel boards are also available to further enhance safety.