GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — InteliSecure® is providing managed data protection services for a variety of high-profile companies in the health care, medical research, hospital, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries, including a nationally recognized medical research and treatment center. The comprehensive data protection services support numerous platforms, including Broadcom, ForcepointTM, Netskope, Microsoft®, and others. In addition, InteliSecure recently added a powerful enterprise-level toolkit to its offerings with the release of ApertureTM.

“Healthcare organizations and hospitals have a critical need to safeguard the privacy of the personal data of both their patients and partners,” said Jeremy Wittkop, CTO, InteliSecure. “In addition, pharmaceutical and biotech companies need to carefully guard intellectual property connected to new medical treatments that are under development or being tested in clinical trials. At the core, InteliSecure’s mission is to provide the highest level of data security and compliance services for the full range of health care organizations.”

Data protection services are critical for health care organizations, which often perform a variety of multifaceted roles dealing with increasing amounts of sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry (PCI) data, protected health information (PHI), clinical trial data, intellectual property, and research discoveries.

Additionally, as part of compliance management for HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and other regulatory and governance requirements, health care organizations must be able to track the access and use of information and then be able to quickly and accurately identify and report incidents when an event occurs. The complexities of identifying who should access different types of data and enforcing policies requires knowledgeable staff and resources dedicated to managing the organization’s security posture and intelligence issues.

As part of its implementation process, InteliSecure helps health care organizations identify and prioritize critical assets, develop customized processes and workflows, select the best data protection technologies, and then operationalize their programs through InteliSecure’s security operations centers. As a result of these efforts, organizations gain the following.

  • A proven, successful process for implementing and leveraging technologies, such as DLP, CASB, and classification;
  • Expert security professionals who act as an extension of the organization’s security team for daily tasks in monitoring both structured and unstructured data;
  • A clear, more accurate picture of their security posture and how data is moving in out of the organization; and
  • Analytics and reporting to help make more informed and effective decisions about information security priorities and resource allocation.