BOSTON — Schneider Electric announced its partnership with EdgePresence and Accu-Tech to deploy edge points of presence (PoPs) to drive digital business forward. Through this partnership, EdgePresence will nationally deploy edge data centers that include a fully integrated Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Data Center solution. As the IT distributor, Accu-Tech will simplify the deployment model to enable increased speed to market. Working together to provide robust edge modules, Schneider Electric, EdgePresence and Accu-Tech will provide customers with the connectivity needed to implement dynamic edge strategies in locations across the U.S.

As deployments of IoT, 5G, AI, and analytics applications become more frequent, businesses will require IT infrastructure that supports higher speeds and increased reliability to keep pace with the digital transformation. The demand on data centers has never been higher, leading to the rise of edge data centers that collect and process data closer to end-users to improve the efficiency and latency to support mission critical business applications. In fact, according to Grand View Research, the edge computing market is expected to reach $43.4 billion by 2027, at a compound annual growth rate of 37.4%.

EdgePresence builds, deploys, and operates edge data centers across the country. Through this partnership with Schneider Electric and Accu-Tech, EdgePresence can provide customers with scalable, modular, and efficient PoPs to enable digital business at the edge. 

“Businesses are increasingly relying on next-gen technologies and applications to power their businesses but often don’t have the IT infrastructure needed to help them scale and meet demand,” said Doug Recker, CEO of EdgePresence. “We develop unmanned, modular data centers at the edge to give customers in various markets across the U.S. the network access and connectivity they need. We know we need partners that offer a comprehensive set of capabilities and expertise to ensure our data centers run smoothly once deployed — and we have that with Schneider Electric and Accu-Tech.”

With Schneider Electric and Accu-Tech, EdgePresence will be deploying multiple edge data centers in markets across the U.S. in 2021. Utilizing a broad portfolio of Schneider Electric products, these EdgePods will be purpose-built to provide the space, power, bandwidth, and interconnection required in markets that traditionally haven’t had a large connectivity presence. EdgePresence will integrate prefabricated data center modules that are powered by Schneider Electric to meet growing demand by utilizing the following solutions.

  • EcoStruxure IT Expert — The cloud-based DCIM solution will enable EdgePresence to monitor power and cooling equipment remotely, improving data-driven decision-making and ensuring uptime across all sites.
  • Monitoring and Dispatch Services — By managing and operating its distributed IT infrastructure, Schneider Electric will help EdgePresence simplify the management of its unmanned edge sites with remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and on-site remediation.
  • Symmetra UPS — This redundant power supply can scale to provide availability when network demand grows.  
  • NetShelter Rack PDUs — Reliable rack distribution will put power where it’s needed most, enabling EdgePresence to increase the manageability and efficiency of its data centers. 
  • Netbotz Monitoring and Management System — As the first line of defense against IT downtime, EdgePresence will enhance physical security in its edge environments with a solution that integrates surveillance, sensing, and access control.

“Our growing reliance on IoT applications is driving the need for today’s businesses to adopt strategies that support their bandwidth, connectivity, and low latency needs,” said Joe Reele, vice president of solution architects for Schneider Electric. “As a result, we’ve designed solutions to help customers find success at the edge. We’re excited to be building on our relationship with Accu-Tech to enable data center providers like EdgePresence to provide innovative solutions that usher in the next generation of digital business."