LONDON — Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) announced a partnership contract with Total Data Centre Solutions (TDCS).

Through the partnership, TDCS will act as the agent for GRC in Europe, selling GRC’s ICEraQ® micro-modular, rack-based immersion-cooling systems and ICEtank® modular, containerized data centers to clients primarily in the U.K., the Nordic region, Germany, and Luxembourg.  Additionally, this enables GRC to engage and support European data center customers with a local European presence.

“GRC is delighted to partner with TDCS,” said Jim Weynand, chief revenue officer, GRC. “The proliferation of AI, 5G, edge computing, reduced carbon emissions, and more throughout Europe presents new challenges for both legacy and new data center builds. Our partnership with TDCS will ensure clients throughout Europe can seamlessly integrate immersion cooling into their existing infrastructures.”

After thoroughly assessing various immersion cooling solutions on the market, TDCS recognized that GRC’s immersion-cooling technology is a differentiator that brings value to existing and potential clients. European clients can now acquire GRC’s immersion-cooling systems through TDCS  in order to reduce energy use or power consumption, solve power and space density challenges,  cut energy cooling costs, and place HPC compute close to where it’s needed.

“It’s exciting to build this new partnership with GRC,” said Jonathan Evans, founder of TDCS. “Joining GRC as an agent partner is an opportunity for us to offer clients best-of-breed, single-phase liquid immersion cooling technology. We are passionate about reducing the carbon footprint and the OpEx of each of our clients. The partnership of GRC and TDCS helps solve carbon and cost issues facing all data center owners and operators, which perfectly complements our sustainability portfolio of offerings from technologies to data centers.”