SAN FRANCISCO — EDJX will be available through the Cyxtera Marketplace network fabric in three initial markets — Santa Clara, California; Dallas, and Weehawken, New Jersey —  with several others to follow.

The partnership solves the challenge of compute bottlenecks. Legacy serverless and CDN solutions depend on compute being located in a few points of presence. This limits the potential to accelerate code and data for IoT apps. EDJX is distributed, meaning that the compute will be distributed to many points of presence and doesn't require the same capital investment.

"Launching the world's first distributed serverless CDN platform at the edge through this partnership with a leading global data center provider means that we're able to provide customers with a solution that rivals any similar solution in the market," said EDJX CEO John Cowan.

The roll out across Cyxtera data centers will feature EdjBlock, a new solution launched by EDJX, ITRenew, and Virtual Power Systems (VPS). EdjBlock is a pre-integrated edge computing infrastructure that enables rapid deployment and monetization of distributed CDN and edge computing services. ITRenew is equipping the platform with flexible, cost-effective Sesame by ITRenew rack-scale compute and storage solutions that make it possible to scale efficiently and achieve sustainability goals. EdjBlock systems also include software defined power control from VPS to optimize uptime and efficiency.

"Cyxtera is focused on delivering the diversity of innovative infrastructure solutions that meet the demands of today's enterprise customers," said Holland Barry, senior vice president and field CTO, Cyxtera. "We see tremendous potential in rolling out a truly global edge computing platform in our data centers in partnership with EDJX. We believe this partnership will enable customers that require infrastructure closer to end users to deliver the kind of efficiency that can make a meaningful difference in their business performance."