Drawing on the Ivanti patch management expertise, which deploys over 1.2 billion patch updates annually, Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence helps users easily research, prioritize, and receive better insights for patch management processes in one central location. Patch reliability data is automatically delivered with actionable intelligence pulled from thousands of public and crowdsourced sentiment data. This information provides improved patch reliability so security teams can act on threats faster and reduce their time to patch. A precise picture of the organization’s threat landscape is provided through prioritized, risk-based metrics and feature-rich compliance dashboards. 

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence provides insights into an organization’s software landscape and application spend for on-premises, cloud, and edge environments to help improve operational speed and asset visibility, optimize utilization, and manage costs. Within minutes, a detailed analysis of usage, licenses types, purchases, subscriptions, renewals, and instances are presented in engaging dashboards to help users effectively track usage, purchase history, upcoming renewals, contract expirations, and ongoing overall spend. Potential under and overspend issues and opportunities for automated reclamation are also highlighted, managing cost and reducing risk.