Ruskin® air control dampers for data centers are designed to maintain proper environmental conditions and ensure optimal performance of IT equipment. The CD50DC, CD60DC, and TED50DC dampers also offer a new coupler option that joins two damper sections without a jackshaft. This allows an actuator to be mounted on the side of the frame and deliver a narrow profile when space is limited. In addition, the DC models have enhanced operational performance with less moving parts on larger, multi-section-high sizes. The CD60DC is available in galvanized steel, while the CD50DC and TED50DC are available in extruded aluminum. All models provide the lowest Air Movement and Control Association Intl. (AMCA) leakage rating of 3 cfm per square foot at 1 inch of water column (w.g.), which meets the requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The CD50DC features extruded aluminum airfoil blades for minimal pressure drop and a reinforced frame. The CD60DC includes one-piece roll-formed airfoil blades for minimal pressure drop and a robust uniframe design. On the TED50DC,each blade has a break strategically placed between twin blade edge seals to eliminate thermal transfer and help reduce the potential for condensation.