Armstrong two additions to its portfolio of ceiling system solutions designed specifically for use in data centers. DynaMax grid is a structural aluminum suspension system designed to support heavy point loads. It provides an attachment platform for data center cable trays, partitions, hot and cold containment barriers, and other equipment from building structure to below the ceiling plane without penetrating the ceiling. The elimination of penetrations through the ceiling helps control airflow in the space, while a CNC override feature creates a tight fit to minimize air leakage between the plenum and the space. The system integrates with coordinating, specially sized, factory-cut Armstrong® Calla®, Ultima®, Dune™ and Fine Fissured™ data center ceiling panels, creating a complete ceiling system solution. Armstrong is the only ceiling manufacturer to combine a finished ceiling system with a structural component. Available in 2x2 feet, 2x4 feet, and 4x4 feet suspension system layouts, the grid can support up to a 900-pound point load rating using 3/8-inch threaded rod at 4-feet by 4-feet connection points. A unique attachment feature allows for easy, seamless integration into a conventional grid system. The system is fully accessible, which allows for future expansion and upgrades. All components are non-progressive, providing the ability to remove or replace a section of the system without the need to dismantle components around it. Non-weight bearing cross tees are removable for plenum access without compromising the structural integrity of the system.

The Continuous Load Path (CLP) for use with Armstrong Prelude® XL® suspension systems provides extra strength where needed by allowing a threaded rod to connect to the deck without interrupting the ceiling plane. This helps manage airflow by eliminating unwarranted air penetrations in the ceiling panels from hanging cable trays, heavy lighting, or signage. It also provides flexibility to design data halls that require heavier loads by using a standard Prelude XL system in main or high-load trunk lines. The CLP is designed to accommodate ½- and 3/8-inch threaded rods with point loads of up to 3,300 pounds and 1,800 pounds, respectively.

For data center projects requiring less than 300-pound point loads, the Prelude XL Max suspension systems are available.