Owens Corning introduced two new FOAMGLAS® systems engineered to help mitigate corrosion under insulation (CUI). The FOAMGLAS Sealed System is designed to help keep moisture out of the insulation system. Utilizing a new low-viscosity, neutral-cure joint sealant (PITTSEAL® Hi-Temp LV RTV), it seals joints and compartmentalizes insulation system components to manage CUI risk. Compared to other systems that combine permeable insulation with a cladding or wrap, the FOAMGLAS® Sealed System deploys its entire material thickness to serve as a seal against ingress of moisture.  Applications where this system would be specified are: above ambient/cyclical, below ambient with a high vapor drive, and underground/direct-buried. The FOAMGLAS Spacer System utilizes proprietary spacer technology to create an air gap between the cellular glass insulation and the pipe. The system is specified where water intrusion is probable from secondary sources and is favored in off-shore and marine applications. Should water enter the system, the compartmentalized design channels moisture to drainage points in the system. Prefabricated to offer contractors a one-step solution and supported with compatible sealants and adhesives, it supports heat-tracing configurations and delivers good acoustical properties. The choice of a sealed system or a spacer system to manage CUI risk provides engineers with flexibility to design a system equipped to the needs of the operating environment.