CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Green House Data, a provider of digital transformation consulting and managed IT services, is rebranding to unify its recently acquired companies and nine locations throughout North America under one brand name: Lunavi

The company’s new name, Lunavi, combines two critical attributes "Lu" meaning light and "Navi" meaning navigation. Together, they describe how the company works to collectively illuminate the path forward to help clients navigate what's next, spotlighting the company’s mission to help enterprises modernize technology, extract measurable ROI, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

“As organizations look to digitally transform their businesses to become more nimble, cost-efficient, and competitive, Lunavi is in a unique position to provide the ‘best of both worlds,’” said Shawn Mills, CEO, Lunavi. “We have the breadth of capabilities and scale to handle complex modern application design as well as wholesale migration to the cloud while providing the attentive, customer-centric focus of a boutique organization. 2020 has been a challenging year for many, and companies are looking for new ways to better address customers’ needs, create value, and position themselves for growth. That’s what we do for our clients.”