ATLANTA — ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC) 9.9 Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces, and Electronic Equipment has addressed the unanticipated risks associated with edge computing design and operation through a new technical bulletin, “Edge Computing: Considerations for Reliable Operation.”

"ASHRAE TC 9.9's first edition of ‘Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments’ was both groundbreaking and foundational,” said Don Beaty, first chair of TC 9.9. “Prior to this publication, there was no global, unified source for environmental conditions (e.g., temperature). Data centers relied on recommendations from each IT manufacturer. The thermal guidelines book became the global de facto standard, ultimately opening the door for economizers in data centers. Edge computing/digital infrastructure has no global, unified source for environmental conditions until now. This publication is groundbreaking, foundational, and will become a de facto standard.”

“Edge computing can expose IT equipment to adverse environmental conditions that compromise reliability and uptime,” said Jon Fitch, lead author of the technical bulletin. “ASHRAE TC 9.9 has carried out years of R&D in collaboration with leading IT equipment manufacturers on best practices to mitigate these risks. I believe this publication is a trailblazing work that will serve as a blueprint for all new edge deployments.”

TC 9.9 is composed of a wide range of industry representatives, including but not limited to equipment manufacturers, consulting engineers, data center operators, academia, testing laboratories, and government officials who are all committed to increasing and sharing the body of knowledge related to data centers.