BUENA PARK, Calif. — Data Specialties Inc. (DSI) Power Readiness Service enables an understanding of data center electrical systems, electric loads, and backup power supplies, and offers implementation of updated systems to mitigate risks from natural disasters like wildfires and power outages.

Prompted by a severe heat wave and several wildfires, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has issued several emergency notices, including the latest Stage 2 emergency on Sept. 6. It’s also issuing Flex Alerts calling for consumers to voluntarily conserve electricity to avoid a Stage 3 emergency and rolling blackouts. Both PG&E and Southern California Edison, the state’s two biggest power utilities, warn of rotating outages if conditions and temperatures worsen, including public safety power shutoffs to prevent fires when weather conditions require. DSI’s power readiness service can produce pictures of a data center’s existing backup power system, identify gaps, and provide recommendations on how to prepare for power emergencies.

Uptime Institute found the pandemic caught most data centers by surprise. This, in addition to the current wildfires, stresses the importance of data center owners and operators to for focus on complete disaster preparedness — for all situations. A key part of that is managing power. There are significant risks of losing power for any data center, making it imperative to have the proper uninterruptible power equipment to handle the unique energy loads of each data center. DSI’s Power Checkup Service gathers information from a comprehensive assessment of the electrical system to identify critical loads that require protection.

“The unprecedented number of wildfires, and more rolling outages than we’ve seen in almost 20 years, have a significant impact on businesses and their data centers,” said Phil Rafferty, co-founder and president, DSI. “Our power readiness services are valuable for data centers to ensure they can meet these conditions head on and maintain mission critical uptime.”