SELMA, Texas — In an effort to strengthen its AirTech business and sharpen alignment with its strategic objectives, Munters will exit the noncore part of the commercial desiccant dehumidification market. This decision primarily affects the U.S. market, as it is the primary region where Munters’ commercial products are sold.

The Selma facility will now manufacture desiccant dehumidification units for key account customers only and provide production capacity for data center cooling equipment.

The segments of health care, ice arenas, and laboratories and archival preservation associated with universities and colleges previously served through Munters’ commercial product offering will now be served through its industrial product offering.

“The decision to depart commercial markets is one that did not come quickly or easily,” said Andrew Cook, vice president of sales and services for AirTech’s Americans region. “However, this will allow us to focus not only on key accounts, but also on markets, such as food, pharmaceutical, lithium battery, evaporative cooling, and Munters’ innovation and service.

“Throughout the evaluation, deliberation and analyzation process of arriving at this decision, top priority was given to retaining as many employees as possible,” he continued. “For positions being eliminated, it was of the utmost importance to make every effort to find other roles within the organizations for impacted employees.”