OpenBlue was designed with agility, flexibility and scalability in mind, to enable buildings to become dynamic spaces. In leveraging the OpenBlue platform, customers will be able to manage operations more systemically, delivering buildings that have memory, intelligence, and unique identity. By combining traditionally separate systems, OpenBlue will enable the connection of every part of a building to create new possibilities for smarter, more efficient and sustainable spaces. Buildings can switch into different modes to address various critical situations. Modes can include access, airflow, elevator movement, door locks, lighting, and open collaboration, as well as other environmental and safety settings. COVID-19 solutions include contact tracing, social distance monitoring, thermal cameras, clean air, touchless environments, compliance and reporting management, energy optimization, advanced safety monitoring, and more. AI-infused service solutions deliver advanced capabilities, such as remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, advanced risk assessments, compliance monitoring, and more. Users can expect up to 60% cost savings by optimizing the performance of the HVAC system. The platform brings together traditional operational technology, existing IT systems and cloud applications infused with AI and cutting-edge technology such as digital twins, enabling insight, integration and collaboration.