The HD8² High Density Fiber System was designed for any fiber patching application within the data center, including switch-to-switch and switch-to-SAN applications. With the cassette-to-cassette trunk cables available in any length, the system can also be utilized in backbone LAN applications for connecting switches in telecom rooms back to main core switches. With connectors within the cassettes directly pre-terminated to the fiber, it eliminates a connection point in duplex fiber applications to offer low insertion loss. This makes the system ideal for deployments where insertion loss budgets are tighter due to length or where there is a need for additional connections within a channel. Shuttered LCs are available to prevent endface contamination and eye exposure to harmful transceiver laser light sources. Multi-cassette fanouts are also available where high-fiber count cables fan out to either two or three cassettes, and fiber monitoring cassettes are available for traffic monitoring.