DDC Cabinet Technology’s tagline — “Any Hardware. Any Density. Anywhere.” — is what earned the S-Series Cabinet Solution the top spot in the Cabinets category. Like the company says it will, the S-Series enables efficient, cost-effective, and secure IT infrastructure deployment in nearly any environment, at nearly any density, and all for less than $1 per watt. 
Perhaps the most unique feature of the platform is the Dynamic Density Control™. At the rack level, water and electrical consumption, fan speed, and air volume react to changes in IT hardware activity to sustain ideal environmental conditions for each individual enclosure, whether it’s operating at 5 kW or 55 kW — all without any human intervention.  OpenAPI integration to existing building management system (BMS) tools provides dynamic operating feedback to pumps, chillers, and supporting infrastructure to further reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Additionally, the S-Series line can be deployed modularly as a single cabinet or with thousands of units operating in sequence, so users can deploy exactly what they require for Day 1 demand and scale as needs change. 
“Colocation, or multitenant facilities, challenged by the various client hardware deployments can also benefit from this unique design,” said Chris Orlando, CEO and chairman of DDC. 
The original DDC S-Series line supported up to 52 kW of thermal density per individual enclosure. The second generation supports 85 kW of thermal density with the patented liquid-air hybrid cooling system.  
“While we can’t share the full road map, with 100-plus-kW racks being announced for specialized use cases, you can rest assured that DDC Cabinet Technology plans to stay ahead of the demand curve, providing efficient, deploy-anywhere capabilities for workloads from 1 kW and beyond,” said Orlando. “With integrated environmental control, biometric security, fire suppression, and monitoring, the cabinet is now the data center. If that isn’t a major change for the mission critical industry, we don’t know what is, but with our pedigree in liquid-air hybrid cooling, we feel ready to take on those challenges as they emerge.”