Ivanti Neurons™ is a hyper-automation platform that empowers organizations to proactively, predictably, and autonomously self-heal and self-secure devices as well as self-service end users.  The new Ivanti Neurons hyper-automation platform offers multiple capabilities for enterprises. Edge intelligence gives IT the ability to query all edge devices using natural language processing (NLP) and get real-time intelligence across the enterprise in seconds. It provides quick operational awareness, real-time inventory, and security configurations across the edge leveraging sensor-based architecture. Healing offers an army of automation bots to proactively detect, diagnose, and auto-remediate configuration drift issues, performance issues, compliance issues, and security issues for endpoints. Automation of routine tasks paves the way to creating a truly self-healing environment, reducing time, costs, and improving employee experience. Discovery delivers accurate and actionable asset information in minutes. This provides visibility in real time using active and passive scanning and third-party connectors. These provide normalized hardware and software inventory data, software usage information, and actionable insights to efficiently feed configuration management and asset management databases. And the Ivanti Neurons Workspace provides a 360-degree view of devices, users, applications, and services with real-time data. This allows first-line analysts to resolve issues previously escalated to specialists. User and device views cut complexity, long wait times, and high escalation costs, resulting in faster end user resolution and greater productivity.