LONDON — i3forum, a not-for-profit industry body enabling and accelerating transformation across the carrier ecosystem, welcomes Colt as its newest member. Colt will collaborate with more than 25 international carriers to fight voice fraud and share its experience and expertise in transformation. 

Colt has operations in Asia, Europe, and North America, connecting 900-plus data centers. It has already begun participation in the i3forum’s numbering plan initiative and Fight Against Fraud work group to tackle voice and messaging fraud, with the opportunity to join other work groups covering technology and the market database initiative. 

“We have seen the value that the i3forum delivers through its numbering plan initiative and Fight Against Fraud work group, and look forward to participating further to solve key industry challenges,” said Ashish Surti, chief security officer, Colt. “i3forum’s numbering plan initiative brought together carriers to solve a unique challenge in our industry and create a solution that has the potential to be rolled out in markets across the globe. Collaboration is more important than ever in this unique and challenging time in global business. We see an opportunity to learn, share, and accelerate transformation in the carrier business with a prime focus on overcoming fraud in the process.” 

The i3forum Numbering Plan Initiative work group is developing a central and standardized database designed to provide a shared resource for numbering plan data. As part of a proof-of-concept phase, seven global Tier 1 carriers shared their numbering plan data for Morocco, which was anonymized and formatted into a single dataset using ITU and NRA input as definitive sources when necessary. The database will support a reduction in fraud cases; higher efficiencies in internal numbering plan management and maintenance; reduction in billing disputes; faster dispute resolution; and improvements to routing, pricing, billing and procurement.

“Every new member of the i3forum brings new skills and experience to our work groups,” said Philippe Millet, chairman at i3forum. “We come together with a common purpose and focus on creating mutually beneficial solutions and recommendations for the carrier industry. The addition of Colt to our membership creates new opportunities to collaborate and gain new insights that support our fight against fraud and carrier transformation. We look forward to Colt’s contribution and welcome its team to the i3forum.”