The TELSEC® ESB2 by Quest Controls is designed to monitor and control manned and unmanned facilities. It works with any new installation and as a field upgrade kit for customers currently using TELSEC ESB or ESBx systems. The upgrade kit is designed to seamlessly upgrade existing ESB or ESBx systems to the ESB2 without removing panels or rewiring monitoring and control points. The ESB2 is modular by design, allowing the system to meet multiple facility requirements. The basic model provides 16 universal inputs, 16 digital outputs and 2 analog outputs, and it can be easily expanded to 272 universal inputs, 144 digital outputs, and 66 analog outputs. It can network with up to 16 HVAC Controllers for controlling facilities’ cooling systems to maintain proper temperatures and reduce energy consumption. The optimized cooling control features Quest’s patented economizer control algorithm, which dramatically reduces the cost for cooling energy. Further monitoring and control of smart equipment can be accomplished through Modbus RTU to control and collect data from smart devices, such as generators, automatic transfer switches (ATS), and power meters.