The Digi IX20 router provides adaptable, right-sized connectivity in industrial infrastructure and location monitoring. It also offers advanced security and redundancy features for reliable performance in harsh environments. The Digi IX20 integrates with Digi Remote Manager®, an IoT device monitoring application that that provides secure remote monitoring and control, enables automated firmware and software updates, and allows comprehensive management of intelligent routers. Digi CORE® plug-in modems feature user-selectable connectivity while maintaining the ability to change or upgrade connectivity protocols without replacing the router. Meanwhile, its serial interface easily fits into most deployments without requiring a redesign. Smart load balancing between cellular and Ethernet WANs, dual APNs, and configurable APN search simplify deployment and reduce setup time. The Digi IX20 offers optional Wi-Fi with serial RS-232 (DB9), Ethernet, and cellular LTE CAT-4 connectivity. Customers can add their own edge compute algorithms with Python support and native Linux applications.