NEW YORK — Sabey Data Centers commenced a major expansion of its mission critical capacity at Intergate.Manhattan, the company’s New York City data center.

Intergate.Manhattan is Sabey Data Centers’ 1.1-million-square-foot building located in Lower Manhattan. It is a mixed-used building with data center/infrastructure from the basement to the 13th floor and office block from the 14th to 31st floors. The tenant data center floors are on the sixth, seventh, 12th, and 13th floors.

The upgrade, to be completed by year-end 2020, will increase the facility’s IT equipment capacity, adding 3,600 kW for a total of 5,700 kW. To accomplish this, Intergate.Manhattan will install additional emergency generators, electrical switchgear, UPS modules, chillers, heat exchangers, and the associated piping.

“In terms of capacity, Intergate.Manhattan will now be one of the largest data centers in Manhattan,” said Robert Rockwood, president of Sabey Data Centers. “This significant upgrade takes advantage of the property’s unique structural, clearance, and utility chase advantages.”

Intergate.Manhattan commissioned its first phase, known as M1, in 2013 with the build-out of a data hall on the sixth floor. The 12th floor data hall space will be completed as part of this project, and the seventh floor is reserved for future build out.

“As those data halls approach full capacity, Sabey has already signed a major lease with a new financial services tenant who will take advantage of the increased capacity,” said Dan Meltzer, Sabey vice president for sales and leasing at Intergate.Manhattan.

Intergate.Manhattan is one of the newest carrier hotels in the New York City area and can support powered shell and small/medium/large data center requirements, ranging from one rack to 2 MW.