JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — DMWA Resources endorses the gender equity campaign Equal by 30, which aims to encourage women in the clean energy sector to access equal pay, equal leadership, and equal opportunities. Alongside siz partner organizations, DMWA increases the total of signatories to 144, including 118 organizations, 13 partners, and 13 governments.

By having a limited workforce, companies are not drawing upon the full range of talent at their disposal. According to the Peterson Institute for International Economics, increasing the number of women in leadership positions from 0% to 30% translates to a 15% boost in profits. Another study, conducted in 2015 by the McKinsey Global Institute, estimates that by taking steps to advance greater equality for women, such as employing more women in technology and boosting women’s participation in the workforce, the world could add $12 trillion to its economy by 2026.

“The public, private, and social sectors will need to act to close gender gaps in work and society,” the report stated.

DMWA is in a unique position to be able to bring women onboard decisively, as investors or creators of opportunities to invest in.

“We’re really proud to become signatory today and firmly believe that any sound investment must be one that has women onboard,” said Sebastian Wagner, managing partner at DMWA Resources. “For us, having skin in the game is important, and our core focus is on creating long-term value to benefit ourselves, our partners, host countries, and their citizens. We are certain that this cannot be achieved without women’s participation.”
DMWA Resources endorses the Equal by 30 Campaign principles on gender equality, and commits to the below actions:

  • Offering a safe, transparent, respectful, and inclusive work environment with attractive opportunities for development of all staff.
  • Providing training opportunities to all employees to avoid toxic or misogynistic working environments, so that workplaces are free of harassment, violence, and bullying.
  • Attracting women to work in all departments.
  • Aiming for 50% representation of women across all levels, including in the leadership team and at board level, by the year 2030.
  • Providing fair compensation and equal pay for work of equal value with career progression opportunities.
  • Backing investments led by women, which will encourage more women’s participation in the energy industry.
  • Encouraging clients and partners to have a strong inclusive agenda, which will facilitate women’s involvement in the energy industry.

The Equal by 30 campaign is a joint initiative of the Clean Energy, Education, and Empowerment Initiative (C3E), which works to advance the participation of women in the clean energy transition and close the gender gap, and the International Energy Agency (IEA). Equal by 30 is led and based at Natural Resources Canada, a division of the Government of Canada.