AUSTIN, Texas — Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) won Phase 1 of the AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award to collaborate with U.S. military installations worldwide.

The AFWERX SBRI, established in 2017, is a team of technology innovators within the U.S. Air Force that use a collaborative approach to combine startup companies’ urgency with the largest pool of motivated talent in the world. Their mission is to uncover opportunities to improve military capabilities, connect and engage the right stakeholders, and facilitate strategic defense outcomes.

As part of the Phase I award for its single-phase immersion-cooling technology, GRC is now tasked with identifying a military customer to mutually share the funding provided by AFWERX.  Once GRC and its chosen military partner agree to collaborate, they will share in the AFWERX fund, enabling them to identify and engineer a single-phase immersion-cooling solution that is a key innovation for the military partner’s defense readiness. 

“It has been wonderful to partner with the AFWERX team on this new immersion-cooling solution,” said Thomas Kenny, vice president of enterprise sales at GRC. “The partnership will enable us and the military partner chosen from all the applicants to develop an immersion-cooled infrastructure that will deliver automated and efficient solutions, and defense readiness. GRC looks forward to expanding our solutions to all military installations, helping them to meet their mission critical demands.  Once we make it through all the phases of the program, we will share in a special fund that provides resources separate from the installations’ yearly allocated budget.”

In 2018, an AFWERX contract led to the development of GRC’s ICEtankTM IT40UPS modular, containerized data center. A team of GRC and Air Force engineers worked endless hours to develop this custom immersion-cooled data center that was deployed to the Air Force base in January 2020. The ICEtank IT40UPS has resulted in 100% uptime and significantly reduced power usage and is now available for deployment as a key solution to enable defense readiness for all military installations and IT professional and business leaders around the world.