The MegaFlex UPS solution from ABB is targeting the IEC and UL market, with power ranges of up to 1.5 and 1.6 MW, respectively. Key features of the UPS include standardized power distribution architectures in compliance with the Uptime Institute classification system and EN 50600, high-efficiency converters in voltage frequency independent (VFI) mode with up 97.4% efficiency, portability, compatibility with either lithium-ion or valve-regulated lead-acid (VLRA) batteries for external storage, optional redundant power capacity of 1,000 kW N+1 and 1,250 kW N+1, graphical system display, connectivity for optional communication boards. The MegaFlex provides up to 6 MW and satisfies the “six-nines” requirement for today’s most demanding data centers. It is designed to work in synergy with ABB’s power infrastructure products to provide a continuous flow of clean power to a data center and deliver the systemwide resiliency. Enhanced self-diagnostics improve speed to market, reduce downtime, and mitigate risk from human error during startup and maintenance phases.