With Release 7.1, dcTrack® Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Operations software by Sunbird Software now supports all direct current 48-V power chain objects and calculations. When the load of compute devices is connected to a direct current power chain, dcTrack will serve as an electrical engineer and accurately perform all the necessary calculations to ensure that the load can be handled by the power chain, reducing unexpected downtime. New supported objects include fuse alarm panels, battery distribution bays, power plant rectifiers, and battery strings. dcTrack performs battery runtime calculations based on detailed battery specifications and the present plant load. The user can further simulate future expected load and model the effect on battery runtime. Release 7.1 introduces new dashboard widgets to deliver data center managers at-a-glance views of their most important data center KPIs. The Power Chain Breaker Utilization widget allows greater insight into the power chain, providing data center managers the ability to get the most out of their existing resources and avoid bottlenecks and costly downtime. The Historical Item Counts widget gives data center managers a simple view of the rate of growth of their asset counts over time and can be filtered by function. The software features over 100 dashboard widgets, each of which can be drilled down to provide thousands of detailed reports to help data center managers make the most-informed, data-driven decisions.