Aquatherm added molded fittings in 45s, 90s, and tees to its SDR 9, 11, and 17.6 product lines. The molded fittings are available in nominal sizes up to 10 inches.

There are two types of molded fittings:

● Short radius (SR) molded fittings are injection-molded in the Aquatherm factory and come off the production line as a single piece of polypropylene. They are less expensive than segmented fittings, with a thicker wall and no change to inner diameter, offering increased strength. Short radius fittings can be integrated into tight spaces, leaving more room for equipment and other utilities. The molded 90s will have a higher pressure drop compared to segmented 90s.

● Segmented standard dimension (SD) fittings are segments of Aquatherm pipe fused together by certified Aquatherm employees to create the 45, 90, or tee. The segmented 90s feature a larger bend radius and somewhat less pressure drop compared to the molded 90s.