Fitz Protect is a new line of protective eyewear designed specifically to meet the needs of frontline medical personnel. It provides an enhanced line of defense against COVID-19 infection. Available in Rx and non-Rx, this custom-fitted 3-D printed eyewear hugs the contours of the wearer’s face and provides enhanced droplet protection in a clinical setting. Following guidance from the American Academy of Ophthalmologists that doctors refrain from using contact lenses, the design is the result of a fast iterative process in direct consultation with medical personnel. Fitz Protect can be worn in conjunction with other personal protective equipment and is designed to be comfortable enough to wear throughout a long shift. It can be easily decontaminated using standard sterilization procedures already in use. The Fitz app makes it easy, simple, and fast for health care professionals to get their made-to-measure pair of Fitz Protect glasses. They can order in under four minutes from the app and the glasses will be delivered directly to their door.