Nortek Air Solutions released of catalog computer room air handlers (CRAHs) for data centers requiring cooling units with configurable options. Models range from 9,000 to 48,000 cfm or 63 to 430 kW nominal cooling power capacity. The units are designed to maximize cooling per square foot and require minimal kW input for efficient operation in a small footprint. The new catalog models supplement the legacy custom CRAH platform, which will continue providing custom-built units to accommodate data centers requiring air handling systems with site-specific requirements. Units are available with an optimized copper tube/aluminum fin A-frame coil; however, an optional high-capacity coil is available to achieve a greater cooling capacity in the same footprint. The CRAHs offers two-, three-, and four-fan options, which can be selected and optimized to balance performance, cost, efficiency, and project requirements. Supply air discharge can be selected with the most common configurations: downflow for underfloor applications or front discharge. Each model uses electronically commutated motor (ECM) fans with an AMCA-certified performance in a horizontal FANWALL® configuration positioned below the cooling coil. Routine maintenance areas, such as filter racks, humidifiers, and coil-side control valves, can be accessed with quick quarter-turn lock fasteners and hinged doors.