During this unprecedented time, there is a lot of uncertainty. That’s why Mission Critical magazine is working closely with Clear Seas Research, a BNP Media company, to keep you up-to-date on coronavirus coverage and how it is affecting the industry.

The Coronavirus outbreak is a human tragedy with very real business and economic consequences. Business leaders globally are in uncharted waters as, together, we face the challenges surrounding the recent pandemic and the resulting economic impact. Insight into how others are reacting, overcoming current challenges, and planning for tomorrow can not only provide us with comfort but also a shared community of learning and preparation.

Bringing together industry professionals to share their experiences with COVID-19 as it relates to business activities, including planning, staffing, investing, and marketing, provides a collective industry perspective. This is a perspective that will continue to change over time — a perspective that can help inform the business decisions we make today as well as our future plans. This is a perspective that can unite the industry and encourage collaboration — a perspective that will be monitored and reported on as events continue to evolve.


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Industry Concerns

As you can see from Figure 1, nearly a quarter (24%) of all survey participants have concerns regarding cybersecurity due to the large number of employees who have had to move their offices to their homes without ample preparation.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the number of "What is VPN?" queries started rising from the last week of February. Over the next month, the number was growing steadily. It peaked over the fourth week of March (22-28), increasing by 156% approximately.


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Figure 2 shows the reliance that all industries are putting on data centers around the world, as the majority of participants are looking to website, social media, and various apps to make well-informed decisions.


Covid-19 Clearseas Research image 3


Safety Measures

Depending on the industry, businesses are taking different approaches to keeping employees safe. Mission critical professionals are essential employees, and while some of their tasks can be completed remotely, unfortunately, not all of them can be. Figure 3 shows the actions being taken to keep employees and those they come in contact with as safe and healthy as possible.


The information contained within this report represents a moment in time. It provides the collective voice of industry decision-makers, influencers, and contributors. The results provide a unique understanding of where business stands, recognizing that change is rapidly occurring. From time of data collection to reporting, it is possible that industry perception and opinion may have already shifted. However, this information should help shed light on where we’ve been, where we are today, and where we are going.

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