According to data collected by Atlas VPN, the number of Google searches for "What is VPN?" increased by 81% globally. The percentage of this query was growing steadily throughout the month of March. 

At first, the interest was growing rather slowly — the number of searches only increased by 9%, comparing the first weeks of March to one another. However, by March 21, the number of "What is VPN?" searchessuddenly skyrocketed, increasing by 81% compared to the first week of March. 

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”During the pandemic, most office workers will have to work remotely by connecting to a VPN,” said Rachel Welsh, COO of Atlas VPN. “The first question in people's minds is ‘What is a VPN?’ Users who are not into computer technologies are most likely not familiar with the term ‘VPN,’ what it does or what they will have to do to set it up. As with most questions, they turn to Google to get the answer.”

Interest By Region 

In the U.S., the interest in VPNs has been growing steadily since the end of January. During the second week of March, it increased by approximately 16%, compared to March 1-7. By March 21, the number peaked, increasing by somewhat around 88%, compared to the first week of March. 

Meanwhile, in Canada, the number of "What is VPN?" queries started rising from the last week of February. Over the next month, the number was growing steadily. It peaked over the fourth week of March (22-28), increasing by 156% approximately.

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