BOSTONMilldam Public Relations announced a one hour of complimentary communications consultation to help mission critical providers and vendors navigate through the COVID-19 public health emergency. The consultation will be handled through Milldam’s Mission Critical Crisis Communications Practice.

During this tumultuous time with the increased reliance on data centers and telecom from telecommuting, telemedicine, and the dependence on online takeout and delivery meal services, it’s imperative that mission critical operators have the proper communications plan in place. Additionally, these providers are in the unique position to provide the increased support needed to help solve this unprecedented global crisis, making it all the more crucial for providers to keep all of their stakeholders updated and at ease. With 15 years of mission critical experience, Milldam is well-positioned to guide them through the process.

During turbulent times, the way an organization reacts (or doesn’t) is a key factor in how they’re able to maintain business in a thoughtful manner. Communicating with empathy is key. As companies work to maintain customer relationships and services and continue to grow the business, they still need to be able to communicate externally — in this environment, they need to convey a personal message of empathy in all communications. 

“Providing valuable communications that put your employees and customers at ease is imperative for times like these,” said Adam Waitkunas, president of Milldam Public Relations. “Additionally, with the mission critical industry at the epicenter of this crisis, there is a great opportunity to do good by making certain services available to aid the recovery process. With MPR’s nearly fifteen years of experience in the data center space, we are well-positioned to assist operators and vendors with a plan to communicate through these tumultuous times.”  

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