PALO ALTO, Calif. — Yellowbrick Data announced a technology partnership with MicroStrategy® Inc. The combination of Yellowbrick Data’s modern analytical database and MicroStrategy 2020 is designed to bring actionable insights to the workforce while enabling significantly faster performance for complex queries and support for high user concurrency.  

“MicroStrategy’s technology partnership with Yellowbrick Data helps enterprise customers to make faster decisions based on their valuable data, no matter where it resides — on-prem, in the cloud, or both,” said Tim Lang, senior executive vice president and CTO, MicroStrategy. “We believe enterprise organizations should have the choice of where to deploy their analytics platform without compromising functionality.  Our fully featured analytics platform, when combined with the Yellowbrick Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse, delivers truly modern analytics experiences that make it easier for users to become hyper-productive in the tools and applications they already rely on every day to take important actions faster.”  

Benefits of the technology partnership include:

  • Actionable insights with MicroStrategy 2020 and HyperIntelligence®, dossiers, pixel-perfect dashboards, and self-service analytics.
  • Multi-cloud support at high query speeds, as well as multiple deployment options for MicroStrategy’s fully featured platform.
  • Fast performance with the ability to scale according to user needs.
  • Support for thousands of concurrent users and the ability to scale to petabytes of data.
  • Support for simultaneous, mixed workloads, including real-time inserts of IoT and OLTP data.

“We’re excited to join forces with MicroStrategy to meet modern analytics and data warehouse demands,” said Allen Holmes, vice president of business development at Yellowbrick Data. “Many enterprises are hindered by traditional data warehouses that are overloaded and unable to support ad hoc queries cost-effectively. Through Yellowbrick Data’s collaboration with MicroStrategy, our customers can leverage real-time actionable insights, with the speed and scale required to focus on maximizing revenue, margins, and overall business efficiency.”