Hey, there, everyone! It’s the first issue of the year, and that means it’s the perfect time to tell you about our 2020 vision — “see” what I did there? OK, I’m done with the puns, and since this is no time for rhyme, let’s get down to business.

The data center industry is in the midst of a huge growth spurt. And while that’s a good thing, it does present a few challenges. One of the major hurdles to overcome is that there’s a higher demand for jobs to be filled than there are people to fill them. And, on top of that, social responsibility and state/federal regulations put ever-increasing pressure on facilities to do more with less, all while conserving energy and other resources along the way.

Like so many others in the industry, manufacturers have continuously changed with the times, investing heavily in research and development efforts to bring the smallest, fastest, greenest, smartest, most efficient, most resilient, most flexible, and most innovative solutions to the market.

And that’s why Mission Critical magazine is excited to announce that our inaugural Top Tier Product Awards is currently open for entries.

The Top Tier Products Awards recognizes manufacturing excellence in mission critical equipment that embraces safety, energy efficiency, and innovative solutions to ensure reliable uptime for the data centers of today and tomorrow.

Products will be judged by a panel of third-party industry experts who have pledged to volunteer their time to research the new technologies and share their findings with our readers.

Winners will be awarded across 10 categories:

• Servers
• Racks
• Cabinets
• HVAC systems
• Cables/cable management systems
• Batteries
• UPS/flywheels
• Software
• Power systems/products
• Security systems

If you are an expert in one of these categories and would like to serve on our panel of judges, please contact me at al-katiba@bnpmedia.com. We are looking for more judges to join our advisory board in taking a deep-dive look at the products of today and the footprint they leave behind on their (quickest) way to the data centers of the future.

Manufacturers interested in putting the spotlight on their products should apply now. To find out if you’re eligible, visit www.missioncriticalmagazine.com/ttp2020. Early bird entries are due Feb. 28 at a discounted rate of $119 per product. All other submissions are due March 31 at a rate of $149 per product.

The judges rate the products on ease of installation, use, and maintenance; reliability; competitive difference; design flexibility; energy efficiency; security features; and other defining characteristics unique to each category/application. When the final decision is made, Mission Critical will reveal the winners of each category in the July/August issue of the magazine.

This benefits manufacturers and industry professionals alike. Manufacturers have the honor of proudly displaying their Top Tier Product Award and introducing their brand to thousands of potential users. And, as for our readers, we offer you an exclusive critique and full review of the winning products for each of the 10 most popular industry equipment categories.

Mission Critical magazine wants to guide the industry forward into the new era of data centers that awaits us. The Top Tier Product Awards are just one of the ways we’re going to get there.

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