Hurricane Electric expanded its points of presence (PoP) at Global Switch’s Amsterdam West, London East, and Sydney locations.

These PoPs are in close proximity to global central business districts in Tier 1 markets and will provide enterprises and residential IP providers in Amsterdam, London, and Sydney with improved fault tolerance, load balancing, and congestion management in the delivery of next-generation IP connectivity services.

“We are excited to strengthen our relationship with Global Switch, as their large-scale data centers are designed to accommodate a variety of customers’ requirements, and provide them with cost-effective connectivity options,” said Mike Leber, president of Hurricane Electric. “These new PoPs build on our commitment to providing high-speed connectivity to all industry sectors and some of the world’s largest enterprises.”

“We are delighted that Hurricane Electric has expanded its presence in our Amsterdam, London, and Sydney data centres,” said Maurice Thijssen, sales director for Europe at Global Switch. “Due to our central locations in Tier 1 markets, and our highly resilient and secure environment, Global Switch continues to expand its connectivity and network offering to customers. Providers, such as Hurricane Electric, are able to serve the increasing connectivity and peering demands of their existing customers and have access to new customers within Global Switch."