SAN JOSE, Calif. — ZutaCore announced the expansion of its U.S.-based leadership team.  Chuck Dooley, executive vice president of global sales, and Tim Shedd, director of product management, each bring more than 30 years of expertise to their new roles.

Dooley is an industry veteran from Fortune 400 and private companies, such as AcordIQ, D-Wave Systems, ZenSource, Cisco, and Intel. He also has a proven track record as a key contributor to several startup companies with highly successful exits. His experience in executive management, sales, and business development will enable him to provide customers with a clear perspective on what the limitations are in data center cooling and how to address those head-on to improve the bottom line. With ZutaCore, Dooley leads the sales and channel development to drive the growth of the business through client and partner adoption and satisfaction. 

"I am excited to join a strong, visionary team and help develop a high-quality pipeline of customers and infrastructure partners," said Dooley. "My objective is to be a trusted advisor to data center operators and decision-makers to understand their challenges and help them find the most effective strategy for unparalleled heat dissipation with significant decreases in CapEX, OpEX, and, importantly, footprint. Ultimately, we are revolutionizing the data center value chain and the way they are cooled, enabling high-performance computing to achieve its potential now and in the future."

Shedd is a distinguished educator, researcher, and entrepreneur. With extensive experience in thermal sciences and engineering, he has the ability to help the industry navigate a critical turning point, where, with the right technology, hyperscale data centers can achieve an unprecedented level of computing power. Shedd is an innovator in two-phase liquid cooling who holds 13 patents. He launched Ebullient Inc., and he has held academic positions at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Florida Polytechnic University.

"I appreciate the team's confidence in my ability to provide cross-functional leadership to help guide ZutaCore from product launch through to securing a solid foothold in the global data center thermal management market," said Shedd. "I know what it takes to cool the world's fastest, most demanding computing, and ZutaCore's HyperCool2 system has the potential to exceed customer expectations by overcoming hurdles of traditional air and water solutions. Hyperscale, edge and HPC applications will benefit from industry-leading low chip-to-ambient temperature differences and extreme package heat load capabilities."