The MPD-480.3P-45KVA-208Y.120-2X60A-12X20A portable power distribution substation features a primary side that allows operators to connect 480-V line-in power via 25 feet of #8 Type W cord with a DS60 33-68043 cord cap that brings three-phase 480-V power to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 3R, 60-A, three-phase, 480-V disconnect. This side contains three 60-A time-delay fuses and passes the power to the transformer. The transformer converts 480-V to three-phase, 208-Y/120-V, 60Hz and passes the current to the secondary side, which feeds a NEMA 3R 125-A, three-phase, 208-Y/120-V main breaker panel. The panel contains two 60-A, 3-pole, 250-V breakers and 12 20-A, 1-pole, 125-V breakers.