KANATA, Ontario — HubStor cloud data platform now includes integration to Amazon S3, giving customers an integrated backup, recovery, legal discovery, and migration solution for content in Amazon S3.

HubStor Inc.’s backup for AWS S3 provides cross-cloud data protection with granular and bulk recovery. Customers using HubStor can achieve a continual backup of S3 accounts with complete segregation, unlimited retention, and data management options for search, legal hold, and compliance retention.

Recovery capabilities offer both object-level granularity and bulk restoration of entire accounts.

HubStor’s S3 migration support allows for data to move from one or multiple S3 buckets into HubStor. HubStor can migrate any data to S3 in any Amazon region, including content that HubStor captures from on-premises storage, SaaS applications, or other sources.

HubStor’s discovery search and export for internal legal teams offer S3 integration so that it can produce case content to S3 in support of legal workflows. The company also provides legal teams with the ability to collect and manage the preservation of data in S3.

 “Multi-cloud data management is a reality for large organizations,” said Geoff Bourgeois, CEO at HubStor. “We are pleased to make it simple for our customers to move data to and from AWS and their HubStor tenant for backup, archiving, legal discovery, and data migration scenarios.”

For more information, visit www.hubstor.net.