CNet now offers a remote attendance capability that uses collaboration-enabled facilities within specially designed smart rooms.

The CNet smart rooms are outfitted with the latest high-definition, bi-directional audio/visual communication and collaboration tools. This allows the Instructor and the learners to see and interact with each other. The technology also allows remote attendees to participate in one-on-one or group activities and conversations via live virtual breakout rooms.

Remote attendance programs eliminate the costs associated with traveling for in-person training sessions.  They are available in time zones across the world, allowing learners to take part in the program from wherever suits them the best.

“The technology is fantastic; it really does bring the classroom environment to the learner wherever they are and the ability to take part in group exercises and one-to-one discussions ensures constant and positive engagement and the feeling of involvement for all throughout the learning,” said Paul Rivett, CNet’s operations director.

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